Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship – Presentation


Winner of the $30,000 Scholarship. For more information, please visit News.

My Made in America brand is called ADD, often referred to as American Design & Detail. It’s a brand of transformable, convertible apparel and accessories that are made possible by domestic manufacturing and cutting edge manufacturing technologies of laser cutting, Kinetic ColorizationTM, and 3D Printing. ADD is novel because it is a clothing system, which means that products are sold as components, which customers accumulate and piece together to co-create their own merchandise. Customers create convertibility and multi-functionality by using 3D printed clasps and fashion hardware to clip different product parts together to redesign each item. The brand prioritizes creating value for its customers by giving each product more than one function – a singular garment can have more than five ways to wear, and another product can simultaneously function as a belt, a purse strap, and a bracelet.

The brand redefines how female American millennials can dress.