Barbara L. Kuhlman Scholarship Installation



“INSIDE,” an Installation based on the theme, ‘Maladjusted’

INSIDE is an enterable installation designed to be a deviant, eerie space that is characterized as such by viewing it through what the vast majority of people would consider a “normal” perspective. The project strives to make its audience feel discomfort, confusion, and disorientation upon entry. These emotions are a product of supposed “norms” that society has unofficially declared to be standard. INSIDE’s aim is to raise awareness of these supposed norms and foster thought as to the true source of maladjustment in this exhibit – Is the participant maladjusted to the space or is the space maladjusted to the viewer’s perceptions? And why? Viewers are encouraged to raise questions about what “norms” actually are, how they are created, and why they persist.
The immersion of viewers, objects, into this space makes the seemingly unattractive structure itself into something beautiful – something that unifies people via a common, maladjusted experience and fosters reconsideration of the standards set about normality through questions of preconceived notions and perceptions of space.